Want to buy some art?

Over time – as I guess many artists will find – unsold pieces of art tend to accumulate in my studio. As my work space is only small and art needs to live with other people, I decided to sell off a couple of pieces online. The shop is live, but still in a somewhat premature state, so you can expect some cosmetic changes in the near future. Functionally it should all be there, though.

My works are fragile and therefore I can’t ship them through the post – there is simply too much risk that the piece will be damaged in transport. So all purchases need to be picked up at my studio (in Utrecht, the Netherlands). Whenever you buy a piece, I will contact you personally to pick a date and time to pick it up. All works will be securely wrapped and packaged for transport.
Payment can be made through PayPal or in cash upon pickup. Please contact me if you have any further questions.

Happy shopping!

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