2007 – Wie kijkt is altijd hier

In 2006 my father died, which was a pretty traumatic experience (isn’t it always?). My father was a great artist, and in many ways my example. So when my mother asked me to make something for his head stone I couldn’t say no. Still, it was one of the most difficult pieces I’ve ever attempted. In the end I was happy with it: I think it captures him pretty well.
Subsequently it was cast in epoxy resin and mounted in his head stone. In 2017, when his grave was cleared, we had the object removed from the stone and I had a small wooden base made. It now stands in my mothers living room cabinet.
The Dutch title of this piece (“Wie kijkt is altijd hier”) means as much as “when you observe, you’re always here”. It comes from the small brass plaque that I found among his assemblage materials…

Various materials.

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